For example Here’s the front of a postcard I designed for a client. We bought a list of 3,000 names to match his ideal patient and cross checked and took out any current patient from the list.


The postcard was designed to look like a prescription.

The backside is the mail panel along with the soft sales copy to get the patient to call for the new patient appointment. These cards were printed on the light yellow card stock. 4″ x 6″ so they mailed at postcard rate. We put a live stamp on them instead of mailing them presort.

Result of this mailing $ 18,0000 cash surge

Now you can get live samples of great marketing pieces.  Not pictures. Not copies. The real printed pieces just as we created it. All these ideas will translate into any industry.

NOTE: Do NOT copy the piece word for word in the same niche. Use the ideas as inspiration and create your own look copy and design.

For $127 (that just over $3 an idea) you’ll jump start a money-making direct mail campaign.