$18,000 Cash Surge Yellow Postcard

Here's the front of a postcard I designed for a client. We bought a list of 3,000 names to match his ideal patient and cross checked and took out any current patients from the list.

​The postcard was designed to look like a prescription.

The backside is the mail panel along with the soft sales copy to get the patient to call for the new patient appointment.

These cards were printed on a light yellow card stock. 4" x 6" so they mailed at postcard rate.

We put a live stamp on them instead of mailing them presort.​

When you calculate the savings from the first class presort to a live stamp the savings are NOT worth it. A live stamp says "personal - just for you". Presort indicia (or even a presort stamp) says "junk mail. you're not that important".

All details matter when looking for success in any mailing.

Calculate the life time of a patient and I'm sure you'll agree it's worth a real stamp.

Results of this mailing: $18,000 cash surge.

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