Unique Business Card


This unique business card coin was custom minted for an insurance agent

Why have a paper card when you can have a unique business card created by having your own coin minted?  Never thrown away and never forgotten, these minted business card coins make a statement.  In the world of sameness, I love creating something unusual, creative, and memorable.  And a business card coin does just that.

The 3-D coin is made out of bronze and colorized on the front side.  I specifically specified a “presidential blue” for the front side which was PMS 281.

No detail was left out.  The edge of the coin is serrated to minmick a real coin.

Want to know more about having your own coin minted to stand out from the crowd.  Emails us at info “at” megabucksmarketing.com or call us at 574-.320-2522


Business Card coin’s back side

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Our NEW Postcard Newsletter

ANNOUNCING:  Newsletter Postcard Template

What determines the ultimate success or failure of your business is easily defined: the number of acquired and retained customers, an how often they return to purchase from you. No better way to put a fence around your customers than with a monthly printed newsletter.  Postcard newsletters are inexpensive and fun way to stay in touch.

  • Attract new customers
  • Maintain relationship with current customers
  • Market new services/products in your practice or business
  • Stimulate customer referrals
  • Add fun personality to your business
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Define your unique strengths

postcard-both1-300x186Each month, with Megabucks Marketing’s Postcard Newsletter, a content-rich, completely done-for-you newsletter, is available online for you to modify to your needs or deliver as is; delivering clear, consistent and compelling messages, professionally written, that influence and attracts more customers.

     Megabucks Marketing’s Postcard Newsletter was created by years of perfecting our unique and profit generating system. We realize the importance of the day-to-day pressures of running the business;  finding effective ways to market it to new and existing customers; establishing a rapport with your customers and keeping it – all while working long hours in the business itself. Each day, overwhelming feelings stronger as these tasks seem to grow while the time you have to do them seems to be continuously shrinking.

     Can you really afford to spend valuable time away from your duties to write a series of newsletters every month that markets your business and maintains regular communication with your customers? Do you add more hours to an already long day racking your brain to write fresh articles, edit and properly format them? At the end of these tasks, are you too drained to spend any real quality time with your family and friends?

Let Megabucks Marketing’s Postcard Newsletter Supply A Completely Done-For-You and Customizable Newsletter.  Simply download the MS Publisher file from the members area of our website, add in your monthly offers modify the contact information and you are ready to print in less than 20 minutes!

Don’t let one more customer slip away into the abyss.  Remind them how important good customers are to your business.

All for less than a buck per day!

Click here for a…


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Hotdog party in February

Hotdog-Invite-Small-200x300February in Indiana can be a long month. We’re all getting anxious for spring to arrive and cabin fever begins to really set in.

To break up the month, have a fun time, get to know their business neighbors, do something fun with their employees, and with the possibility of finding a new customer and referral source for their business, I suggested to one of my private client/mastermind members they host a Hotdog party in February – inside, of course. they thought it was a grand idea so we brought in an area hotdog cart vendor to cook up his famous Chicago, New York and Coney style dogs. There are 70 businesses within walking distance from this client’s business – which became “the list” we chose to invite.

As one of my members he got the use of my entire team to help him pull it off.

We designed an invitation for him announcing the event and giving a reason “why”: they were the new owners of this 25 year old company.

We also designed tickets – which everyone that was going to come must have. The party/hotdogs were free, but it helped up have an idea how many to plan for.

Rather than saying they needed to “RSVP” which sounded too much like a baby or wedding shower, the tickets said they had to call to “activate” the ticket.

We then printed the invitation/tickets and stuffed them into a foam hotdog carrier and hand delivered the invitation to each of the businesses.

Result: (stay tuned for pictures and final results)


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Thanksgiving Recipe Ebook

Thanksgiving-Recipe-smEvery Thanksgiving our family gathers at our house to celebrate all the blessings God has given to us. This year I decided to compile some great Thanksgiving recipes and I’m giving it to you as my free gift as my way of saying “Thank You” for allowing me to blog and talk about my passion: fun, unique, personality driven marketing that works.

My favorites are:

page 8: Gravy Secrets. My grandma Wing would have proud for me to learn these secrets, finally!

page 106: Pecan Pie Bars. Fun twist on pecan pie. Easy to make. Simple delicious recipe

Page 122: Mustard-glazed Turkey With Cornflake Stuffing and Mustard Gravy. Are you always looking for something different to do with the turkey?

Page 124: Barbeque Turkey. In this recipe the turkey is brined overnight and then barbequed for an amazing flavor. mmmmmm….

Whether you find something difference and unique in this Thanksgiving Recipe book or any of the other unique marketing ideas I post about, my wish is that you have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving season and count your blessings along with me for the other 364 days of the year.


Download your free copy HERE

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Business Growth Master Mind

Expanded, enhanced & certain to be

THE CATALYST to finally ensure YOU achieve

your goals, objectives and most significant ambitions &

profit BIG in Your Business & Life in 2012

_X_ YES Nina!  I believe what they say, the proof you’ve laid out is evident, the more I invest in myself and in you, the more money I will make…the most successful my business will be…and the happier I will become!  I’m committed to achieving higher levels of success & Wealth in my business, in my life, than ever before in 2012.  I’ve got BIG PLANS and I know You’re the person to help make my dreams, realities…I mean, c’mon, is there anyone else who can do for me what you will do – I think not.

That’s why I wouldn’t dare miss out on the opportunity to secure my spot in Your 2012 Mastermind & VIP Implementation, Super-Charged Marketing & Money-Making, Take No Prisoners in 2012, Programs. I can’t wait for the Experience You’re putting together to transform my Business and push me beyond my limits in 2012.  I’m confident in your leadership and excited about what’s ahead.


Accept my application and give me

all You’ve got in 2012 as a

Mastermind or Private VIP

Implementation Member now!

Select Your Level Of Involvement For Your Desired Level of Success & Wealth

 Peak Performers Master Mind

(limit 30)………………………………………………………. $797  $295/mo

–      1/2 Day Monthly Mastermind ($797 value)

–      Membership into our inner circle Facebook Group ($97 value)

–      Ongoing training on various subjects. ($125)

–      Access to my entire marketing library with new things added all the time  ($997 value)

–      Free ticket to my 2 day Annual Business Retreat. Time to step away from your business, mastermind with your fellow board of directors, and set the vision for your future (Value $2,495)

TOTAL MONTHLY VALUE……………………………………………….. $2,223 per month value


 Advanced Mastermind Member 

(limit 10)………………………………. $1497    $997 /mo

Everything in the Peak Performers Master Mind PLUS…

–      Monthly membership access to my Microsoft Publisher Newsletter Template (value: $199)


–      2 hours per month of a member of our VA team to get done what you need ($200)

–      Help implementing 1 project during the year.  Examples: magazine tear sheet, website with welcome video and opt in form, Special event, Marketing Plan, 3-step direct mail (concept, design and copywriting),
Customer Reactivation campaign, or Referral progam/culture. (value: $2,995)

–      20% discount on

–      Membership into my monthly newsletter template ($199 value)



TOTAL MONTHLY VALUE……………………………………………….. $4,816 per month value


This Section is only For Those Ready for The Big Leagues!

Allow me the liberty to be blunt, I’ll take it anyway. Because that’s exactly what you need to start doing – getting serious about what you really want, pulling out all the stops, doing whatever it takes

The reality is – YOU NEED ME! YOU NEED MY TEAM!

  • To show you the way….fast, not slow – certain, not guessing
  • To get your thinking bigger … and you must
  • To force you outside your comfort zone… which you need
  • To encourage you when things are tough… and that’s inevitable
  • To kick you when you slow down, make excuses, complain, try to stop or settle … which you will

You Need Me to give you answers, to assist with getting things done, to make the introductions, to layout the strategy – to help you make money, to move faster and FINALLY start achieving and enjoying the levels of success (in all areas of your life) that you truly deserve.

The question is simple.  What’s it worth to you to have someone in your life that will not take no for an answer, someone that will make certain there are no more excuses for you, for others, for anybody?  What’s it worth to you to finally have someone on your team to help you get things done?  No limitations.  Endless possibilities.

Elite Private Coaching & National Mastermind Member

(limit 5).. $2497     $1,997 /mo

Prepay (by December 31, 2011) 12 months for the price of 10 = $19,997

–      First of the year vision and marketing planning day. Private ½ day with Nina and Troy helping to layout your plan for the year. (will occur in February)

–      90 Min Monthly Private Coaching Sessions w/Nina & Troy ($12,000 total value)

–      Keyword research and SEO strategy design by Nina’s private SEO team (Value $997)

–      Opt in implementation for website into a CRM system (Office Auto Pilot, Send Pepper, Mail chimp, etc.)

–      Membership genital herpes into our inner circle Facebook Group ($97 value)

–      Ongoing training on various subjects. ($125)

–      Access to my entire marketing library with new things added all the time  ($997 value)

–      4 hours per month of a member of our VA team to get done what you need ($400 value)

–      30% discount on Troy’s systemization/automation of your business ($1,500 value)

–      Membership into my monthly newsletter template ($199 value)


VIP/Private Client

(limit 3)…………………………………………….. $9,997     $4,997 /mo

Prepay (by December 31, 2011) 12 months for the price of 10 = $49,997

All the items in the Elite private coaching plus…

–      Your own private marketing concierge

–      Nina as CMO.  She will personally work on your business and design and create the marketing collateral needed.

–      2 full days of Troy’s time to automate/systematize your business

–      Plus 4 hours ongoing each month of Troy’s time


** Late applications MAY not be accepted, Subject to STRICT approval **




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How in stores Musically lovers not having Surveys

If on you in general wind up bursting down into that an dynamic song only to dance schedule each time your preferred song comes on the air or your own body’s Spotify playlist, after that Musical. Ly may be a system value gaining if you are thinking accepting your own body’s overall performance abilities only to networks to the next simple. It’s between the latest cultural apps right to explode here at reputation. What Musical. Ly is all about

Musical. Ly has long been a free mobile app which allows its population to put together only to clarify music movies up to 15 seconds in length. Population is going to choose a music clip extracted from an incredible number of music ever made strategic through the Musical. Ly app or they can employ music off their device. Once a minor song has been decided on, population in general networks themselves singing through the clip off their front-facing cameras. Profits has long musically fans hack been applied to movies ahead of writing right to make sure they are in fact stick out. At the cultural part of important things, Musical. Ly provides a lot of things in keeping and at apps want to have Instagram. Through the menu been proven at the bottom of a app, there will be a minor residence give food to tab that presents music movies extracted from every other population on you follow, a minor search tab to see what’s wide-spread, an activity tab in addition to a client concern tab. Deciding on your own body’s music

Musical. Ly comes with an incredibly influential library of music right to necessarily mean for the whole music movies. Browse through size of what’s wide-spread, lip syncing classics, comedy music only to even more. You can even use the search bar to discover a incredibly precise track. As this is hugely convenient, there’s a single primary downside: there is not any way to go for at which 15-second clip of a track you want associated with your own body’s video. You just have got to make use of either a clip from which Musical. Ly gives you. Recommended: how to Snapchat and at music using through the mobile phone

Documenting a minor music Video

Either a yellowish button in the middle of either a menu has long been what makes you get started and at documenting your own body’s 1st music video. On you have the option to choose off a minor music track 1st, at which will start using as soon as you hit networks (so you can lip sync at the same time) or additionally you might capture your own body’s video 1st only to sustain either a appear as has long been or add a track following a it has been shot. How to Film a minor Musical. Ly Video while not having down either a Button

Having down either a networks button in full through your own body’s video can be a soreness if you need to act as in fact expressive, only to at which bunch of how to get somewhere around the tv. The first approach that can be used will be to sustain down either a networks button and the “X” here at the most efficient having corner at the same time. The second step that can be done has long been tap either a five-second timer button located here at the correct of your own body’s windows, at which will start a minor five-second countdown to begin documenting. Recommended: ten of the best Video Streaming apps established nothing but in order for kids

Participating in tournaments only to worries

Musical. Ly is a very cultural place, only to as of attending either a search tab, there will be a minor launched competitors at the very top, which you is going to click to see its facts only to engage when you need. You can even browse through the category of trending hashtags only to employ getting back in at the fun to enhance the number of hearts you buy only to climb the right path at the Musical. Ly leaderboard. Creating Duets

Musical. Ly provides a separate in fact vast feature which allows on you build a duet and at someone on you follow (who all comes after on you back). Nothing but watch an existing video of theirs only to tap either a “. . . ” icon right to pull up a summary of opportunities. Tap “start duet today!” and you’ll be made the decision right to film your own body’s music video right to an equal music. If you are done, either a preview will present a variety of clips between your video only to then one user’s video repaired right to an equal music. There’s many more that can be done and at Musical. Ly, only to the ultimate way to figure out has long been as of downloading the tv only to affected by the tv in order for by hand. You might get the tv in order for clear of both the iTunes App wall plug only to Google have done.

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“Shock and Awe” Sample

Last week I was visiting one of my favorite video production companies.  The talented 12 Stars Media located in Fishers, IN (Indianapolis area) is a group of video/tech guys (and gals) who make magic with a video camera. Their list of clients is an impressive Who’s Who in the business world.

I knew these guys were talented, but had not seen their  “Shock and Awe” package (a term coined by my marketing mentor, Dan Kennedy).  Some people describe it as a trust box. Whatever you call it, this is as well done as anything I’ve ever seen.  During my years working at the University of Notre Dame, I had seen several 2 pocket folders with stair stepped inserts inside.  That is the most common form of a Shock and Awe package as I’ve seen.

But not the 12 Stars Media group.  Just like their video productions, this trust box was amazing.

premier pack Here’s a picture of the outside of their box. It’s a plan box – probably bought from uline.To save money, be able to change easily in the future, and quite honestly make it super cool, they had 2 custom rubber stamps made to stamp the box. Their corporate colors are blue and green, so they chose to stamp it in the blue color.The picture to the left shows only 1 of the stamps.  the other is on the side of the box.

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The Genius of Newsletter Templates

Newsletters are one of the most powerful ways to stay in touch with customers. They’re a tool for staying top-of-mind with current customers, introducing yourself to prospects, and even wooing back previous customers. If you’re already familiar with the many benefits of newsletters—but don’t know where to start—Megabucks Marketing has the answer.

Newsletter templates allow anyone to create professional, effective communications. Not a graphic designer? Not a problem. Our templates are designed to be intuitive and stress-free while creating a state-of-the-art product that you’re excited to send to contacts.

The key is to choose a format that works for you and your company. Megabucks Marketing can guide you in selecting a template whose style best showcases your products and services, as well as the type of information you want to deliver. Choosing your template begins with these steps:
1. Visualize your newsletter idea. Who is your audience? What information do you want to convey? A newsletter that focuses on current company happenings and industry news will look much different than one that highlights a revolving door of new products.
2. Assess your skill level. If you have at least a basic knowledge of design and design software, your template can be more fluid to leave room for your creative whims. You’ll need a different template if you’re happily oblivious to design software and want something turnkey.
3. Select a format. Your format will be likely be linked to how much design effort you want to put into your newsletters. Templates are available in formats like HTML and PDF. Even plain text is still around. How much work you want to put in—and your skill level—will influence your format choice.

Consistent newsletter communication is an invaluable investment in your business. Because they’re inexpensive, newsletters offer an extraordinary return on your marketing dollar. Keep in mind that while using templates for your company’s newsletter program is a simple solution, that doesn’t mean any old template will do. When your company’s name is attached to a communication, it’s a direct reflection of your business. That’s why it has to be top-quality every time—and why you need to partner with a firm that specializes in helping people expand their company’s reach and boost their profile with current and prospective clients.

Megabucks Marketing is your one-stop resource for newsletter templates. We’ll help youidentity the perfect template for your company so you can immediately start connecting with clients on a deeper level. Visit us at Megabucksmarketing.com to learn more about the use of newsletter templates as a powerful marketing tool.

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