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Have you been trying to create your own print or e-newsletter, but are you frustrated with the time it takes? Maybe you’re frustrated knowing what to write every month?

Well you’re not alone!

Staying in touch with your customers, clients or patients, keeps money flowing in but time slips away from you and you never get around to a newsletter!

Not to worry. We’ve created the best newsletter template and content service on the planet.

Use “as is”. Just like we’ve designed it. Customize our Microsoft Publisher file in less than 60 minutes to your business and mail out (figure around $1.00 per customer, client or patient)

Or, grab the content and put it in your own “design”. No longer will you be looking at a blank screen every month wondering what you’re going to write about.

Or just select and use

  • The monthly cartoon
  • The humorous dog blog (yep – your canine will become the star)
  • Recipes.
  • Trivia.
  • Quotes.
  • Articles about current things happening.

But that’s not all.

With this membership (which you can cancel at any time – no contract required) we’ll give you a boat load of marketing ideas to use in your business.

  • Fun events.
  • Crazy holidays.
  • Ways to spotlight your employees or customers

For just $127 per month we’ll become your secret marketing weapon in your business. And you don’t even have to give us benefits, vacation, or time off.

Check it out. Download a sample of the newsletter below.


Business Owners, Sales People, Professionals every day turn to our “Turn-key” 60-minute newsletter template membership to create their printed newsletter in record time!

Will you be next?


Every month we put our team of creative writers and designers to work for you to create (in Microsoft Publisher) a template that in less than 60 minutes you can update, personalize and have ready to mail to your clients, customers or patients.

  • Each issue is filled with fun, interesting content
  • Each issue uses her licensed “star” cartoon to add fun and personality.
  • Each issue has her dog blog written by her award-winning staff humor writer. Make your canine a celebrity in your business with his/her own blog. Your customers will look forward to each issue.
  • Each issue will have a fun cartoon, quotes, recipes and puzzles to keep your customers engaged and interested.
  • Each month she’ll give you ideas for holding contests, interesting things you can personally write about, wacky holidays you could include in your marketing. This is like a mini-marketing swipe file in itself.

Here is a a special deal for members of our site!

Do what your competitor is SCARED to do!






Dr. Russell Caputo, Aurora, OH – “I have used Nina’s newsletter in my dental practice for over 4 years. Without a doubt it has been the best marketing dollars I spend. My patients LOVE receiving it in the mail. One month Nina put a stock photo of a golden retriever in the newsletter . Our patients asked who the imposer was (they knew it wasn’t our real dog, Bailey).



Dan Brekke, Indiana Metal Micro Etch – “We have used Nina’s newsletter for a year. We are a manufacturing company selling to other businesses. Even in a B to B business, our clients love getting the newsletter. It allows us to build a relationship with them that we would never be able to do otherwise. Our dog, Charlie, has become quite a star.”




John Cannon, Cannon’s Automotive – “What I like about Nina’s newsletter is how simple and easy it is. She will even get the printing done for you so you don’t have to do it yourself. We stopped much of our old traditional marketing like newspaper ads, billboards, etc and just focus on the relationship with our current cusktomers. Last month was our biggest sales month in 40 years of business. And yes, Duke – our great dane – is now well known around town and in our auto repair shop.”



No risk Offer. No contract required. Cancel at any time

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