Unique Business Card


This unique business card coin was custom minted for an insurance agent

Why have a paper card when you can have a unique business card created by having your own coin minted?  Never thrown away and never forgotten, these minted business card coins make a statement.  In the world of sameness, I love creating something unusual, creative, and memorable.  And a business card coin does just that.

The 3-D coin is made out of bronze and colorized on the front side.  I specifically specified a “presidential blue” for the front side which was PMS 281.

No detail was left out.  The edge of the coin is serrated to minmick a real coin.

Want to know more about having your own coin minted to stand out from the crowd.  Emails us at info “at” megabucksmarketing.com or call us at 574-.320-2522


Business Card coin’s back side

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