Hotdog party in February

Hotdog-Invite-Small-200x300February in Indiana can be a long month. We’re all getting anxious for spring to arrive and cabin fever begins to really set in.

To break up the month, have a fun time, get to know their business neighbors, do something fun with their employees, and with the possibility of finding a new customer and referral source for their business, I suggested to one of my private client/mastermind members they host a Hotdog party in February – inside, of course. they thought it was a grand idea so we brought in an area hotdog cart vendor to cook up his famous Chicago, New York and Coney style dogs. There are 70 businesses within walking distance from this client’s business – which became “the list” we chose to invite.

As one of my members he got the use of my entire team to help him pull it off.

We designed an invitation for him announcing the event and giving a reason “why”: they were the new owners of this 25 year old company.

We also designed tickets – which everyone that was going to come must have. The party/hotdogs were free, but it helped up have an idea how many to plan for.

Rather than saying they needed to “RSVP” which sounded too much like a baby or wedding shower, the tickets said they had to call to “activate” the ticket.

We then printed the invitation/tickets and stuffed them into a foam hotdog carrier and hand delivered the invitation to each of the businesses.

Result: (stay tuned for pictures and final results)


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