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What determines the ultimate success or failure of your business is easily defined: the number of acquired and retained customers, an how often they return to purchase from you. No better way to put a fence around your customers than with a monthly printed newsletter.  Postcard newsletters are inexpensive and fun way to stay in touch.

  • Attract new customers
  • Maintain relationship with current customers
  • Market new services/products in your practice or business
  • Stimulate customer referrals
  • Add fun personality to your business
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Define your unique strengths

postcard-both1-300x186Each month, with Megabucks Marketing’s Postcard Newsletter, a content-rich, completely done-for-you newsletter, is available online for you to modify to your needs or deliver as is; delivering clear, consistent and compelling messages, professionally written, that influence and attracts more customers.

     Megabucks Marketing’s Postcard Newsletter was created by years of perfecting our unique and profit generating system. We realize the importance of the day-to-day pressures of running the business;  finding effective ways to market it to new and existing customers; establishing a rapport with your customers and keeping it – all while working long hours in the business itself. Each day, overwhelming feelings stronger as these tasks seem to grow while the time you have to do them seems to be continuously shrinking.

     Can you really afford to spend valuable time away from your duties to write a series of newsletters every month that markets your business and maintains regular communication with your customers? Do you add more hours to an already long day racking your brain to write fresh articles, edit and properly format them? At the end of these tasks, are you too drained to spend any real quality time with your family and friends?

Let Megabucks Marketing’s Postcard Newsletter Supply A Completely Done-For-You and Customizable Newsletter.  Simply download the MS Publisher file from the members area of our website, add in your monthly offers modify the contact information and you are ready to print in less than 20 minutes!

Don’t let one more customer slip away into the abyss.  Remind them how important good customers are to your business.

All for less than a buck per day!

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