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The Magazine Tear Sheet puts you into the “Celebrity” seat instantly!  Prestige, credibility and becoming a sought-after “Guru” is a no brainer with these Magazine Reprints.

What are the benefits of using Magazine Tear Sheets?

Magazine Tear Sheets are definitely about creating instant credibility, authority, believability and celebrity status. These magazine pieces are similar to writing a book. There usually is no measurable ROI with either of these, but just saying as seen in “Marketing Times Today” creates that celebrity, authority status. It helps you command respect, be able to charge higher prices, and makes you more interesting to your clients. Being written about elevates your status in your chosen niche by the mere fact that you were written about. When you elevate your status, you automatically elevate your income. You become the “go to” expert person.

Yes, this magazine has never been on a news stand, but neither have the industry magazine publications that are sent free of charge, or the self published books, but they are still magazines and books. We use top professional designers and seasoned magazine article writers with our high quality offset printing so the final product is very high quality. And because you have a chance to fine tune the copy, the writing is actually more accurate than something written in a news stand magazine.

Authority is all about power and the power to influence others. Before any words come out of your mouth, there is the issue whether anyone will pay any attention to you. Having been written up in a magazine gives you the power, authority, influence and believability that another person in your same niche would not have. It is the easiest, best positioning tool you could have in your marketing arsenal. You don’t have to change what you say and you automatically become more persuasive and more able to close the sale if you are perceived as an expert celebrity. It beats a brochure. It beats a business card.

Magazine Tear Sheets are far easier and less expensive to produce than a book because you don’t have to do the writing or pay high prices to have it ghost written, and the per piece price is far cheaper than a book. Even so, a Magazine Tear Sheet can compliment a book you just wrote because your picture can be on the front page holding your book.

Magazine Tear Sheets also help you establish what you want to be known for rather than just the product or service. You want to be known for “something” to make it easier to sell that product/service. It helps differentiate you.

Magazine Tear Sheets can add personality to your marketing. We’re seeing more clients have fun with the picture on the front of the magazine and showing personality with the pictures inside. It’s all about your prospects and customers being able to connect with you and feel they know you a bit better. We now have clients ordering a 2nd magazine tear sheet from a different publication to further enhance their status. Here’s just a few ways to use them.

Use your Magazine Tear Sheets...

1. In a press release package
2. As a pdf on your web page (as seen in….)
3. Framed on the wall in your office
4. On a coffee table in your business or other businesses
5. In a shock and awe package – either mailed or handed in person
6. When speaking to lay on attendee chairs for credibility
7. At a networking event
8. At a trade show to hand out
9. To include when mailing or shipping out a product

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Having your own 4-page magazine tear sheet allows you to tell your story and turns you into an instant celebrity.

Attach one of these money-makers to your sales letter, in your information package, in a quote for a new client and we’ll help you seal the deal quickly!


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How the process works:

What you need to do first;

1. Choose your magazine for your niche from the following, or have a completely custom title.

Popular Magazine Titles

Marketing Times Today                   Business Times Today

Dental Times Today                          Automotive Times Today

Photography Times Today              Executive Times Today

Financial Times Today                     Contractor Times Today

Professional Times Today                Restaurant Times Today

Health Times Today                          Physician Times Today

Insurance Times Today                    Retail Times Today

Top Business Leaders Today           Young Entrepreneurs Today

Affluent Times Today                       Hospitality Times Today

Chiropractic Times Today               Physician Times Today

2. Choose your front cover picture .  Professionally shot pictures at 300 dpi are the best.

3. Choose 5 other pictures that represent who you are or the product you’re representing in the magazine piece. They can be with your family, pets, speaking to a group, flying a plane, having fun with friends, on vacation, etc. Whatever is meaningful to you and shows a bit about who you are.

We take it from there

  1. We will create a custom questionnaire in Word for both the main article of the magazine and the sidebar and will email it to you to fill out and email back to us . As soon as we have the questionnaire returned, we’ll begin the writing process.
  2. We’ll write the draft headlines for the front page. You may revise these as necessary.
  3. We’ll design the first draft of your magazine cover.
  4. Once we have your questionnaire, we’ll also write the main article and side bar
  5. We’ll assemble the whole magazine and send you a pdf for your review/revisions.
  6. Once you’re happy with the look and content, we’ll print and ship your 1,000 copies.

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